Chewey Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m too lazy tonight to type the entire set of instructions, but the ingredients feature all the usual suspects, as well as some light corn syrup and white vinegar. Other than that it seems pretty standard with mixing method and baking directions.

So, this:

Produced this:

The verdict:
These are good. But they’re still harder than I want and not soft and poofy. They hardened up even more after the first day. They are better than the Toll House version, but I’ve got to keep looking. Bummer.

Other testers’ verdicts: Who knows, they scarfed them down so fast. Of course, these were also a bunch of single guys, so any homemade dessert would most likely have been greeted in the same fashion.


One Response

  1. […] a recipe that gave her great cookies. Would it work for me?They were definitely puffier than the chewey King Arthur Flour version I tried not that long ago. Alas however, they still were not the chocolate chip cookie of my dreams. And I even used […]

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