PW’s Lasagna. It IS the Best. Ever.

No pictures, since they’d just pale in comparison to Pioneer Woman‘s fantastic shots.

There was a lot of debate in the comments to her post about how this couldn’t be the best ever lasagna because it uses Jimmy Dean sausage and Kraft Parmesan cheese (in the can!). Frankly, I don’t really care. I had two brothers-in-law and their friend who are all staying with us (cozy!) and so I needed something that would please some very non-gourmet, hungry guys.

Pioneer Woman did not fail me with her self-proclaimed Best Lasagna Ever.

The ingredients were basic – ground beef, breakfast sausage, garlic, canned tomatoes & paste, parsley, basil, salt, cottage cheese, eggs, Parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.

I followed her recipe exactly except I only used a pound of ground beef so it was equal portions beef to sausage. I also skipped the second teaspoon of salt that she said to add to the cottage cheese mixture. And I didn’t layer the noodles the way she said because I forgot what I was doing. But yeah, other than that, EXACTLY.

The sliced mozzarella was super easy and seemed like it made it extra stringy. Not that I’m complaining about that. It also made FANTASTIC leftovers. Not that there was much leftover after the four guys attacked it. Just enough for me to take to work the next day and make my coworkers jealous. Because they were. I had to share the website & recipe with Jennifer2 after she smelled it reheating in the microwave.

So, go to The Pioneer Woman Cooks! website and read the recipe in all its well-photographed glory. Then make it. You won’t be sorry.


3 Responses

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  3. I tried this recipe and honestly I was a bit disappointed. I did not change a thing about her recipe but I’m not impressed with the result.

    I personally think the flavor is lacking. The recipe asks for cottage cheese which is all right, but I think it also needs ricotta cheese for depth of texture/ flavor. The recipe also asks for a baking time of 20 – 30 minutes at 325 F degree – I don’t think this is good enough. The baking time isn’t enough to allow all the flavor, texture, ingredients to marinade and cook well together. I will have to go back to my already-baked lasagana and fix it.

    In general, I’m not going to follow this recipe for lasagna again.

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