PW’s Bread Pudding

After such great success with Pioneer Woman’s lasagna, I had to try another of her recipes, but picking one is not an easy thing to do, and I will just say that someday I WILL make her cinnamon rolls. Perhaps after I’ve saved enough money to buy myself an entire new wardrobe because I’d probably need one in a bigger size after I finish those cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls aren’t on the menu this week however (got to save up some cash and also gather my bravery before I tackle any yeast dough). This week, it’s all about keeping my man happy. And what makes him happy is bread pudding. I’ve never made it before, but I’m finally going to try. Just for him.

PW makes it look easy, with her Bread Pudding for Those Who Think They Don’t Like Bread Pudding. I bought some sourdough bread, but everything else I had on hand. Although, I did switch out the pecans for raisins because Rob isn’t crazy about pecans but he does love raisins. He quickly noticed what I was working on in the kitchen and guessed what it was going to be. This news delighted him so much he eagerly agreed to help, so I put him to work arranging the bread cubes in the baking dish.

Mine baked for about 70 minutes, and even without the whiskey cream sauce, it was praised to the heavens. Not that I tried it, because I still think I don’t like bread pudding, and this one didn’t persuade me to try again. Too custardy-looking. But for those who don’t have unreasonable biases against bread pudding, this one was very much appreciated by the four guys who demolished the pan before I could even reconsider my anti-bread pudding stance. It would have almost been depressing how quickly my work was eaten if it hadn’t been such an amazingly easy dessert to prepare.


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