Banana Pineapple Bread

Another one from Tammy’s Recipes. I decided to try this because my husband is a huge fan of banana bread (actually, he’s pretty much a big fan of any quick-bread of that sort; pumpkin spice bread definitely comes to mind), and I was getting a smidge bored with my usual recipe. But adding pineapple to the equation sounded interesting.

Rob was not impressed with the idea of me tampering with something tried-and-true. Why mess with a good thing? However, as is so often the case, once he tried something new he LOVED it. In fact, his direct quote was “you should make banana bread this way from now on.”* The pineapple adds extra flavor and moisture, both of which added to his appreciation for the new version.

My only change from the recipe as given was I used a full tablespoon of vanilla instead of two teaspoons as called for (yes, if you know your baking measurements you realize that that just means that I used an extra teaspoon). I love vanilla flavor and typically add a little extra to baked goods.

Jennifer deemed the bread a “great twist on the traditional banana nut bread. Very moist and yummy.”

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the photographic evidence. Before baking:


Immediately after coming out of the oven:


Mmmmm, tasty!


*And this is why I don’t listen to him and continue to try new recipes.


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