Macaroni & Cheese

I absolutely adore macaroni and cheese. It’s up there with my favorite dishes ever. Now if I could only find the ultimate recipe for cheesy goodness.* I am not very good at getting cheese sauces to be smooth instead of grainy so that always hinders my mac & cheese making.

So this time, I cheated. I used some Velveeta in an attempt to guarantee smooth-and-creaminess.

And guess what? It worked! Hallelujah & pass the mac & cheese.

oh, perhaps my new technique helped as well.

While water for some macaroni (actually penne rigatoni) was heating, I set up my make-shift double boiler. Which is just a metal bowl set into a pan with some water, which, while not as convenient as a true double boiler (the lack of handles would prove troublesome), had the advantage of being available.

Chopped and/or shredded cheese into the bowl. A lot of it. It’s about half velveeta, and then the other half is a combo of cheddar and cheddar with peppers. And this cheddar with pepper cheese is AWESOME. Just sayin’.


Add milk. Maybe 2/3 of a cup? I just poured until it looked good.


Then whisk away as the cheese melts and turns into a luscious sauce.


Once the sauce is creamy and melted, add the cooked pasta and stir together.


Pour into a baking dish and put into the oven for 10 minutes or so. I probably had the oven at 350.

Eat and enjoy. Super creamy, luscious macaroni and cheese. I love this stuff. This is not my ultimate mac & cheese however. I don’t like using Velveeta and I think that’s what caused this to be almost impossibly sticky.


UPDATE!!! This recipe was made much earlier than it was posted, due to me being a slacker and taking forever to get the pics off the camera. But, I made mac & cheese following a different recipe last weekend (just after posting this) and it may have become my ultimate recipe. Not as simple as this one, but so much creamier and tastier. I’ll try to get it written up and the pictures ready to go ASAP.


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