Killer Crack Peanut Butter Fudge

The title isn’t mine. I’m just repeating the title Cookie Baker Lynn gives this delight. I suppose you-will-never-fit-into-your-old-pants-again peanut butter fudge was just a little too long.

I’ve never really made fudge before (I have made a microwave “fudge” with condensed milk but that’s as close as I’ve come), so I have no idea how traditional or not this recipe is. And after tasting it I don’t care at all – the recipe could be the most bastardized thing of all time and I’d still want to make it again and again. Yes, it’s really that good. The texture is AMAZING.

Isn’t it pretty in the pan?

I sacrificed my favorite scraper to the cause. It was in poor shape, but the fudge did it in. Just like it did in any shred of self-control I thought I might have.

Pretty, isn’t it? I don’t usually bother with presentation like this, but we had company. Which is a good thing because I hate to think how quickly we would have finished off this batch of fudge. Just between the two of us.

I’m kinda scared to make this again, but I’m also having to restrain myself from dashing to the kitchen to make another batch. I’m alone in the house so no one would have to know – it could be all mine.

Thanks for the recipe Cookie Baker Lynn. I think. I’ve got my eye on several other of your recipes, but I’m a little scared to try them.


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