Date Nut Bread

Thanks to coworkers who had a surplus of Egyptian dates (and when I say Egyptian, I really truly mean, from Egypt), I have a supply to use while trying some new recipes.

Date nut bread seemed the obvious first choice, both because it’s the first think I thinks of for dates, and because of Rob’s everlasting love for all quick-breads.

First task was pitting and chopping the dates, and that took awhile. The dates my mom buys from the store are a little more ready-to-use, but hopefully the taste of these will make up for the inconvenience of pitting them.

Since I didn’t have any internet recipe that was calling to me, I went to King Arthur Flour’s cookbook (the all-purpose one I believe, though it might have been the whole wheat version) and gave that one a try.

The recipe was simple, and the bread came together easily; other than dealing with the dates the bread was very easy.

It baked up beautifully, and was incredibly moist.

Unfortunately, and unbelievably, the quick-bread lover was not a fan; the date flavor was overpowering and he didn’t care for it at all. Perhaps the Egyptian dates are more intensely flavored than the sort KAF expected me to use and I should have backed off on the quantity a bit? Or did I mismeasure? The measurement called for chopped dates (not dates, chopped), so maybe I chopped them too small and it skewed the quantity. This is why I like recipes with weights, not volumes.

So, a pretty loaf, but an unpopular one at home. I shared at work and it received a warmer welcome from Jennifer, so she got the rest of it, and at least it didn’t go to waste.

I still have lots of dates to use, and no firm idea of what to make with them, but I’m taking suggestions.


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