About the Dining Duo

The dining duo, aka Jennifer and Sheila, are friends who love good food & drink, whether out & about or at home. To read reviews of our restaurant excursions, check out our other blog Dish – The Dining Duo Discuss.

At home, Jennifer especially loves beer, tenderloin fixed by her mom, and black bean quesadillas (bless you Sheila for passing that recipe along!)

Sheila’s favorites while at home include spaghetti, white wine, one-dish-meals to minimize cleanup, and her husband fixing dinner. Or at least picking it up (love that take-and-bake pizza!). And dessert is always on the menu.


2 Responses

  1. Just found your baking spot, Sheila…awesome….printed out the Enchilda Bake recipe…you go girl!!!

  2. Hi Ladies!!

    Looks like we’ve been paired up in the adopt a blogger!! Your site looks great! I’m not sure how much of my help you’ll actually need, but maybe we can help out eachother!!
    Keep up the blogging!!

    ~la petite chef~

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