How Not To Succeed With A Food Blog

  • Get a little bit busy at work, but assume that the next month you’ll get back to posting.
  • Take a business trip, figure you’ll start posting again after you return to town.
  • Once home, discover you’re pregnant.
  • Endure horrifically bad morning sickness. All day, every day, for all of the first and virtually all of the second trimesters. Bad enough that you can’t even acknowledge that you have a blog that mentions food, because the mere thought of it causes retching.
  • Spend the third trimester trying to catch up on everything that got ignored earlier, and get prepared for what’s soon to arrive.
  • Bedrest. Baby. Brief NICU stay. Lengthy recovery (of mom, not baby)
  • Finally wake up one day and realize that the baby’s three months old, and this blog’s been ignored for over a year. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect it.

I have no idea how other pregnant food bloggers managed it. I literally could not even look at the blog, and could barely think about it for close to six months.

But I’m going to give it a shot at getting back into this.


More Baking = Less Writing

Or at least that’s our excuse. Sheila’s been baking up a storm and if she’d ever get out of the kitchen she might have time to write some posts about it.

If only that pesky thing called “work” didn’t require so much time.

But coming soon to a blog near you…
Cream cheese brownies (by Nigella)
Honey white bread (yes, real, homemade bread) (by Ina a.k.a. Barefoot Contessa)
Date nut bread, using real Egyptian dates (as in straight from Egypt). (by Cook’s Illustrated)
Grapefruit yogurt cake. Although this one kinda sucked so it might not be blogged
Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (by Dorie)
The most amazingly delicious strawberry cupcakes (by a blog that I can’t remember right now + my imagination)

My New Toy


More baking shall now commence.


Welcome to our new blog, with reviews and comments on recipes, foods, drinks, new products, and pretty much anything else we might consume at home. In other words, for restaurant reviews, check out Dish, for anything else edible, stay right here.