Chicken with Mushroom Balsamic Cream Sauce

No, that’s not quite the original title, but it’s close.

I’ve now made this chicken dish three times and haven’t remembered to photograph it once yet. So, apologies for the missing picture although there is one on the Food Network site where I found the recipe. Yes, it’s a RR one.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Rob is not really a fan of chicken. I’ve figured out how to maximize the chances that he’ll like a chicken dish however; make sure there’s lots of sauce, and that the chicken is chopped into bite-sized pieces. Definitely no bones allowed.

Rachael’s dish satisfies both requirements. And to my satisfaction, it has lots of mushrooms and I’m really starting to believe that anything with balsamic vinegar will be delicious.

I do vary the preparation slightly; I almost never have scallions and don’t want to trouble with buying them specially for this meal, so I just saute some regular onions (white or yellow) and then continue on with the preparation. I also cut the chicken into pieces before sauteeing it after discovering that Rob prefers that (I like it better cooking first and getting a nice sear, and then slicing it, but he’s pickier so I just go with what he likes).

Fresh herbs only when I’ve had them on hand, otherwise dried have worked just fine. And for mushrooms I’ve always gone with what I can find easily and inexpensively, which has been white button and portobello.

I’ve had it over orzo, mashed potatoes, and cavatappi. All were good, although I do think we liked the orzo the best.

I think what I like best about it is that it’s been a good meal to fix for company; it’s easy enough and tasty enough to please everyone I’ve served it to. Even some guests who aren’t crazy about mushrooms have liked it, although they did pick around the mushrooms. I really should do a better job about remembering that there are strange folks who don’t like them and ask before assuming everyone is a huge fan like me.


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Are really good.

That is all.